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Aviation Safety

Matt's extensive experience and aviation safety training combined with simulator training can prepare all pilots, of varying experience levels, to make critical, timely safety decisions in the event of aircraft system failures.


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    Aviation Safety is a mind set which pilots employ, ultimately to keep from making critically flawed decisions which could potentially result in a mishap or worse. Awareness is key when we start talking about aviation safety, so we work hard to increase the situational awareness of every pilot who trains with us. As owner/operators, maintenance decisions can be just as critical to safe flying as pilot currency and proficiency. Proper safety is appropriately managing both the "small" picture issues, as well as maintaining the "big" picture goals. Ultimately, my philosophy can be summed up by the old addage that I would rather learn from other pilots mistakes rather than from my own.      
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plane crash
    Matt Brown is a Graduate of the Naval Aviation Safety School conducted at the Naval Post-Graduate School, Monterrey, CA, 2003.