"Spokane Region's Professional Flight Training Headquarters"
Advanced Flight Instruction

Professional advanced instruction for both hobbyists and professionals is available for those who want to increase their aviation skill set. Descriptions of our current offerings are listed below.

Ground Instruction: $40.00/hour

Flight Instruction: $40.00/hour

1106 N. Cedar Road        
Deer Park, WA 99006          
    1. Aerobatic Training (photos)      
CONTACT US     Aerobatic (because ACRO-bats are at the circus) instruction can be accomplished      
HOME PAGE     in your appropriately rated aircraft to suit your goals from exploring the      
      performance envelope of your aircraft to precision aerobatics including loops, rolls      
      (aileron andbarrel), 1/2 cuban eights, immelmans and split-Ss. We also offer G-      
      Awareness training in your aircraft along with many variations of unusual attitude      
    2. Certified Flight Instructor Rating      
    3. Commercial Pilot Certificate      
    4. Complex/High Horsepower Endorsements      
      Deer Park Air Center currently offers a Complex/High Horsepower endorsement      
      package which uses a combination of ground instruction for aircraft systems      
      introduction, Elite PI-135 simulator for switchology and our Bellanca 17-31A Super      
      Viking for the flight phase. The Super Viking is a high performance single engine      
      aircraft which combines a 300HP Lycoming motor with a 3-bladed prop to move the      
      aircraft to cruise speeds up to 158 KTAS.      
    5. Multi-engine Training      
      One of the best tools for maintaining Multi-engine emergency procedure skills is      
      our Elite PI-135 Simulator. From the instructor console, engines and systems can      
      be failed without warning to help sharpen skills in a non-threatening environment.      
      Ultimately, the simulator allows for scenerios which cannot be accomplished in the      
      aircraft due to obvious safety concerns, without putting the repeated stress on      
      your own aircraft motors and components.      
    Training Photographs      
Our pilot, Matt, has been doing some aerobatic training with Paul.
aerobatic training deer park spokane
Matt and Paul in Paul's CJ-6.
aerobatic pilot training